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About Us

Executive Master of Research and Development

College of Engineering
National Taiwan Univ. of Science and Technology (Taiwan Tech)


About EMRD

In 2015, Taiwan Tech established the first ever Executive Master of Research and Development Program (EMRD) in Taiwan to inspire research and development (R&D) engineers with industry experience to become excellent technical managers (e.g. Chief Technology Officers). 

  For this in-service master’s program, a specialized course map was designed that covers interdisciplinary knowledge required for technological managers in high-tech industries. Our curriculum includes the latest developments in technological innovation, management, finance, patents, law, as well as arts and humanities.
  Due to our close collaboration with a vast range of local and international high-tech companies, around 30 experts per semester will be invited to share their experiences with our students.
  We are putting particular emphasis on our students’ thesis, encouraging them to choose topics that focus on the R&D strategies of specific products and technologies related to their fields of interest or current jobs.


  • EMRD - Training Chief Technology Officers  
  • ​Thesis theme-An R&D roadmap and strategical plan for specific products and/or technology development in future 3-5 years for an enterprise